Brother CS6000iThe Brother CS6000i is perfect for your home sewing needs. It is a high-quality machine that’s sold at a reasonable price.

This sewing machine boasts a robust line of functions and features that are sure to make sewing much easier. The user interface of the Brother CS6000i is very accessible and thus it is a great tool to have if you are new to sewing. Keep on reading to know more about the machine and how you can benefit from using it.


  • Multiple stitching functions, buttonhole styles, and snap-on presser feet.
  • Free-arm computerized sewing machine.
  • LCD screen and computerized stitch selection.
  • Usability features include auto-set drop-in bobbin, automatic threading, and a tension control dial.
  • Table for quilting, hard cover for storage, and more sewing accessories included.
  • Offers you up to 60 stitch styles to choose from. It will allow you to use just about any type of stitch you want, ranging from conventional utility to ornamental styles. This machine will surely help you produce more durable and beautiful clothing, curtains, and other fabric products.
  • Gives you the option to switch between manual and automatic sewing. Though this sewing machine will be able to function with minimal intervention from you, you can also opt to go old-school and do the sewing yourself. You?ll be able to accomplish this easily by using the foot pedal accessory instead of the built-in start and stop buttons.
  • Has a clean, user-friendly control interface. It is very easy to use, mainly because it doesn’t burden you with confusing controls and buttons. Its design includes a clean, two-button interface partnered with an LCD screen- all functions and features you may want to use are selected with just a few button presses.
  • Equipped with technology that makes the small but important things easy to do. Easily one of the most frustrating parts of the sewing process is threading the needle. It saves you a lot of time by providing you with an auto-thread function. Another small but very important detail is the creation of buttonholes. Thanks to the machine’s multiple-style auto-buttonhole feature you?ll be able to create holes that will fit perfectly with the buttons you decide to use.


  • Computerized stitch selection
  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Not intimidating to beginners
  • Bobbins are easy to acquire and replace
  • Comes with various extras including quilting table, case, foot pedal, and more.


You may want to use quality threads with this machine because cheap threads tend to bunch up. Though using quality thread may seem more expensive, it will turn out to be worth it in the long run.

Our Verdict

This is an outstanding tool that will serve you well for a long time. It’s worth investing on, so do it now.